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Orchestrator is an intelligent rostering and credential management system.

As a staff-centric, highly-customisable and fully-dynamic solution, Orchestrator is not your traditional rostering platform.

It adapts to suit your staff and your business to ensure that you can deliver a premium service to your customers every time.

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What Orchestrator can do for you

Intelligent, Flexible Rostering

Controlled access to event information allows staff to submit availability & sign-up for events.

Customise your rostering to match staff & business preferences.

Dynamic split shifts to allow staff to work when they want.

Strong accreditation validation ensures your service providers have the right training before service delivery.

Compliant Site OH&S through customised site induction training management.

Load details for multiple offices or brands within the system.

Qualification & Accreditation Validation

Staff driven accreditation and qualification process.

Staff qualification upload.

Accreditations dynamically determined from qualifications.

Simple review and audit process of qualification approvals saves time.

Detailed audit trails exist for each staff member and event, tracking all actions that are made.

Auto reclassification feature ensures staff whose accreditations lapse work on shifts within their approved scope.

Improved Decision Making

Overview of staff availability on an hourly basis.

Report trends and predict future service demand.

Improved relationship management through centralized client tracking & management.

Customisable forms allow you to capture every detail relevant to your operations.

Mitigating Risk

Audit records for all qualifications granted through the system.

Staff capabilities tied directly & automatically to qualification information.

Fatigue management policy to ensure staff work hours match documented company policies.

Powerful staff management tools ensure that staff can’t be prioritised or prohibited for certain jobs.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Automated email & SMS messaging before, during & after events.

Consistent messaging format through email & SMS templates.

Seamless communication experience by logging all event communication.

Optimized staffing through tailored client staff lists.

Efficient Resource Management

Rostering capabilities also apply to equipment to ensure effective utilisation.

Track asset details and servicing requirements.

Optional staff reporting of consumable usage to streamline operations.

Support for supplier specific ordering & receiving to simplify inventory management.

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