When you are trusted to ensure that everyone goes home safely, you need to have the best staff with the best tools so you are ready to handle anything. Our suite of health solutions help you to exceed your standard of care.

Our solutions are designed to fit your specific service delivery practices focusing on every aspect of the patient journey. Let us take care of the technology so you can focus on the patient.

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What Chronosoft can do for Health

Rostering and Staff Management

Controlled access to event information allows staff to submit availability & sign-up for events. 

Ensure your staff have the right training before the event.

Keep rostered staff up to date via automated email & SMS messaging before & after events.

Rich reporting to understand trends and predict future service demand.

Staff driven accreditation and qualification process.

Rich fatigue management policy to ensure staff work hours match documented company policies.

Optimising Incident Response

Chronosoft triages jobs ensuring you respond to the highest priority every time.

Mobile application ensures all staff stay up to date with what is occurring.

Attach all reports, video images and photographs to the job to create a centralised point of reference.

Automatic, rule generated notifications to ensure those who need to know are kept up to date at all times.

Intelligent GPS and geospatial tools recommend the closest and most appropriate resource to deploy.

End-to-end job management ensuring response teams are monitored through the entire incident process.

Improved Decision Making

Geo-reference any location across your site so you can see the location of all incidents in real time.

GPS track your crews so you can dispatch the closest resource. 

Optimise staff efficiency by monitoring task completion cycles.

Visualise the spread of incidents over a period of time to improve your staff allocation.

Confidential and Controlled

Patient information is isolated from other agencies utilising the system and remains confidential at all times.

Incident information is siloed and only shared between agencies when specified required.

Electronic Patient Care Reporting aligns to national privacy standards.

There is an audit trail of all information entered and actions taken to ensure clear oversight and duty of care are maintained.

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