Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

Delivering an amazing patron experience is the goal of any festival or event. Delivering this experience requires a strong command and control infrastructure that is flexible, adaptable and proactive to ensure every issue and opportunity is addressed quickly and efficiently with the right priority.

That’s where Chronicler comes in – our highly customisable command and control platform adapts to suit your working practices while making information easier to share, analyse and audit to take your patron experience to the next level.

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What Chronosoft can do for your Festivals & Events

The Chronicler intelligent incident management system designed specifically to meet the dynamic nature of festivals and events.

Optimising Incident Response

Chronosoft triages jobs ensuring you respond to the highest priority every time.

Mobile application ensures all staff stay up to date with what is occurring.

Attach all reports, video images and photographs to the job to create a centralised point of reference.

Automatic, rule generated notifications to ensure those who need to know are kept up to date at all times. 

Intelligent GPS and geospatial tools recommend the closest and most appropriate resource to deploy.

End-to-end job management ensures response teams are monitored through the entire incident process.

Improved Decision Making

Overlay all site maps and imagery into our geospatial platform to view the layers of your site simultaneously.

Geo-reference key locations across your site so you can view incidents in real time.

GPS track your crews to dispatch the closest resource. 

Optimise efficiency by tracking equipment allocation across the site.

Map response routes to get teams to incidents quickly.

Visualise the spread of incidents over a period of time to improve your resource allocation.

Mitigating Risk

Every action and note created within the system is time stamped and un-editable.

Information from multiple platforms can be uploaded and linked to the one job.

At the conclusion of an event, incident reports can be automatically emailed to key individuals.

High level data analytics allow your team to make informed decisions.

Centralised Control

Allocation of hierarchical permissions facilitates focused management of specific incidents.

Instant sharing of information between agencies allows collaboration when required.

Allocation of auditing permissions allows senior staff to review cases as required.

Chronicler can link multiple, geographically dispersed control rooms to allow teams to stay connected.

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