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Chronicler is a customisable incident management platform that will enhance the operation of your command centre and provide a real-time view of your environment.

Chronicler enhances your existing operations, ensuring that any situation is managed to the highest standard. Chronicler is completely customisable, allowing you to get the Incident Management Platform that your business needs to be industry leading.

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What Chronicler can do for you

Incident Management

Time Stamped
Create time stamped incidents instantly with every action and update recorded automatically.

Customised Groupings
Integrate your existing incident classification into the system and add new items in seconds.

Priority Management
Automatically assign four levels of importance to jobs with the ability to upgrade and downgrade instantly.

Input your site-specific locations, including grid references, lat/long, what3words or x-address.

View all your active incidents, sorted by importance and duration.

Share job details and work concurrently on the same incident with other agencies.

Crew Resource Management

Manage Crews
Intelligent recommendations of crews are available to respond to incidents.

Enable and disable crews based on their rostered start times or availability to respond.

Staff Management
Allocate staff members to a crew including contact details & phone numbers.

GPS Tracking Review
GPS track crews identifying exactly where they are and view a historical log of where they have been.

Job Dispatch via SMS
Send job details to response crews via SMS ensuring they have accurate and up to date information.

Mobile App
Give crews access to a dedicated mobile app allowing them to see all relevant job information.


Custom Forms
Digitalise existing paper forms including customisable fields and digital signatures.

Required Comments
Prompt users with specific questions based on incident status and categorization.

Participant Database Search
Search for participant information by identifier live within the system (for events that have included patron identifiers).

Custom Fields
Add in specific fields pertinent to your operations, specific type fields available for different incidents.

On conclusion of an incident, summarise the outcome for the purposes of auditing and follow-up.

Standard Operating Procedures
Your SOPs can be integrated into the platform with steps automatically recorded on completion.


Notification Alerts SMS/Email
Automatically notify key staff groups of issues and updates as they occur.

Job Dispatch Alert SMS
Send accurate job details and updates to response crews.

Weather Alert SMS
Automatically notify staff of forecast inclement weather.

Broadcast SMS
Share important information with patrons or customers via mass SMS.

Inbound Patron SMS
Manage patron issues via SMS messages that come directly into the system. Messages from the same sender are grouped as conversations.

Inbound Email
An email address can be activated to receive and send messages from the system.


Map Layers
Integrate site specific map layers aligned to geo-spatial systems.

Create paths showing participant routes or boundaries.

Create custom areas on the map for information, job tracking, or resource allocation purposes.

View all active incidents and GPS tracked crews on the map.

Search for addresses and locations.

Track staffing levels to ensure they meet designated service parameters. Set up notifications via the app, email and SMS if parameters are breached.

Data Analytics

View live stats on a clear and concise dashboard.

Offline Review
Ability to generate an HTML file allowing complete offline review with filtering capabilities.

Review jobs simultaneously to assess the broader context of an incident.

Adjust your view of the data by pivoting; time, agency and heading for instant review and analysis.

Live KPI Tracking
View response, scene and transport times by job type.

Data Export
Instant generation of data from the system based on live or specific parameters. Exports formats include: PDF, CSV, ZIP, DOC and HTML.

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