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ChronoSoft Solutions is the market leading provider of control centre and incident management solutions.

Our products make your operation safer, more efficient, and help you manage and mitigate risk while meeting your duty of care.

We provide you with a virtual control room that will enhance the operation of your command centre and provide a real-time view of the health your event / environment.

Our ‘Chronicler’ incident management software prioritises jobs and creates an accurate timestamped record of incidents as they occur and the actions your team take in response to the situation.

This detail allows you to confidently stand up to legal scrutiny and demonstrate that your team actively mitigated risk and continued to ensure an appropriate duty of care to your customers.

Our products meet the challenges of a diverse range of events and dynamic environments

Festivals & Events

The Chronicler intelligent incident management system designed specifically to meet the dynamic nature of festivals and events.

Stadiums & Venues

Enhanced capacity to offer protection and public safety to events held within fixed infrastructure.

Sporting & Endurance

A customised solution that caters for large events where guests and patrons are spread across more than 10kms of terrain.


A bespoke solution designed to protect assets, deliver public safety and enhance the daily operation of retail environments.


A customised solution designed to revolutionise the command, control and incident response of transport and tunnel networks.


Enhanced medical triage and patient care reporting to improve patient flow within your facilities while ensuring your duty of care.

Our products will enhance your operations

Centralising Command

Our virtual control room provides a single, holistic view of your events, so you can manage all assets from a single platform and prioritise job effectively.

Allocate and manage resources at the click of a button

Automate standard operating procedures and schedule pre-arranged jobs

Keep stakeholders abreast of situation at hand

Instantly see what job a crew is attached to, and what resources they have

Monitor crew locations, see current incidents and gain a visual understanding of the health / dynamic of your event

Improving Decision Making

Our in-built mapping and precision GPS server provides the capability to track all crews, visualise incidents and dispatch the closest appropriate resource.

Map response routes to get them there quicker

Use GPS pins and coordinates to visualise the location of every event in real-time

Ensure every resource is used with optimum efficiency

GPS track your crews to dispatch the closest resource

Upload all maps into a single portal and view them as overlays allowing a fluid understanding of incidents on the ground

Mitigating Risk

Our solutions accurately capture every factor that influenced an incident and all actions taken to resolve it to create a time stamped record of how your team responded.

Proof that you met your duty of care to patrons

Defend your event & staff against litigation and legal scrutiny

Quash issues before they get out of hand

Increased contractor accountability

Accurate time stamped incident reports that ensure you have the best defence against court proceedings

Optimising Incident Response

Chronicler's deep integration between control room and response teams ensures incidents are handled with optimum efficiency.

A triage system that priorities deployment and sends the best available assets

Guided capture of every pertinent detail via the ChronoLink mobile application

Upload patron details, pictures, video and all other related attachments to each job

Incident reports sent to all relevant stakeholder immediately upon completion

Immediate response to incidents by the closest and best equiped teams, assets or resources

Strengthening Communication

Our solutions are designed to facilitate deep integration of the many agencies within your command and control structure, improving information flow when time is of the essence.

Crews can read job information and provide updates in real-time via the ChronoLink mobile application

Communicate sensitive job details and information without the use of an open channel radio

Inbound and outbound SMS to all patrons onsite increasing the level of customer engagment

Custom SMS and email notifications for specific incidents, ensuring all stakeholders can be notified instantly

Everyone briefed on safety procedures and collaborating on the same system

Optimising Resources

Our solutions provide real time analytics so that organisers can act proactively, rather than reactively during an event.

Identify trends before they become a problem

Identify quiet and busy times to strategically manage staffing

Post-analysis event analytics to improve future planning

Prevent serious issues like overcrowding and crowd surges

View live statistics instantly on any device

We customise each product to meet the specific needs of clients, and integrate seamlessly into their normal organisational workflow.
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